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Having a properly drafted pet trust is an essential part of responsible dog ownership, and now it's easy for you to set up a trust for your dog.

The Loyal Legacy™ Plan makes it really easy for you to set up a personalized pet trust for your dog, and more importantly, allows you to generously fund it using the proceeds provided by the specially arranged group term life insurance—which is not only a smart, practical way to fund your pet trust, but it completely eliminates the need for you to set aside money to fund your pet trust or to use any funds from your existing financial assets which you've already designated to others in your personal will or trust.

Just 3 quick steps to setting up your pet trust!


Determine how much money you'd like to provide for your dog's pet trust. (We'll give you some options to consider.)


Complete your 5-question application.


Once your application is approved and your coverage is set up, we'll provide you with the option to immediately access the pet trust platform, where you'll create your personalized pet trust for your dog. We'll also provide you with access to LawAssure who will guide you on how best to set up your pet trust.


Let's customize the financial benefit for your dog!

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It's quick, simple, and personalized for your dog!

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