How Much Money Will I Need
in My Dog's Pet Trust?

Great question!

For starters, simply take the average annual cost of caring for your dog and multiply that by the number of years your dog will likely live. While both numbers will vary over time (significantly, in some cases), they provide you with an excellent starting point!

Let's do some quick math!

How much do you spend on your dog each month (a good guess is fine)?


Here are some of the most common expenses we incur loving our dogs each month:

Food and treats
Leashes and collars

Routine vet care
Preventative supplements
Pet sitting

Pet insurance
Training classes
Show expenses
Club fees
Air travel
HOA fees

If you'd like to individualize your monthly cost by each item listed above simply click here!

These 3 additional items are critical when choosing the right amount of money to fund your Pet Trust. We've built in cost estimates for you below.
  • Expenses related to your dog developing health issues, now and as he ages. As your dog ages, the potential for health issues grows, including those related to joint injury, intestinal/stomach issues, dental disease, ear infections, and cancer. Treatments, medications, and surgeries for these conditions can be expensive.
  • The amount of money you estimate your dog's caregiver will need to oversee the care of your dog—such as driving to the vet, driving to buy food and supplies, taking the dog for exercise, paying for sitters, etc. Estimate what you spend on these tasks now, then include that amount in your Pet Trust.
  • End of life care and burial expenses.

Additional items to include:

Minimum Benefit to Fund your Pet Trust:

Be careful not to have too little money in your Pet Trust.

The specially arranged Loyal Legacy™ Plan pricing makes it possible for you to be very generous to your dog. For example, a $40,000 Loyal Legacy™ Plan benefit amount is just $9.15/mo for a 52-year old owner (female, non-smoker).

What happens if I don't make formal provisions for my dog's care?

A Sad and Disturbing Reality

The informal plans and arrangements we sometimes make with family and friends can unravel quickly once the reality of caring for a dog becomes a day-to-day and week-to-week reality.

Unforeseeable circumstances can make these arrangements impossible or impractical to carry out, leading to unimaginable circumstances for your dog.

As you know, dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year and many are euthanized. With the Loyal Legacy™ Plan, there is no reason for this to ever happen to any dog in the AKC constituency.

It's Simply Not Worth the Risk

The Loyal Legacy™ Plan provides you with a smart, simple way to eliminate the uncertainty surrounding how your dog will be cared for after your death. It's unfortunate—but true—that even family and friends with the best intentions to care for our dogs can end up putting them in especially unfortunate situations, due to common planning mistakes.

Secure a carefully planned, loving future for your dog with the Loyal Legacy™ Plan.